ESL Lighting is a manufacturer and distributor of energy efficient lighting products. Our products are aimed at businesses that would like to make considerable savings by reducing their electricity usage from the implementation of more efficient lighting solutions and, by doing so, reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

ESL Lighting have produced products that can generate savings of up to 65% on average lighting expenses, both in the office and warehouse / distribution area.

ESL Lighting is continually striving for positive change in our products and to assist all enterprises to be more efficient in their energy use, especially in lighting their environment by creating efficiencies in this area.

ESL History

ESL Australia Pty Ltd is part of SUNSHINE GLOBAL GROUP. SUNSHINE GLOBAL was originally formed by Jack Qin in 1993 as a one man business wholesaling predominantly in city markets and regional areas. The Company was first registered in 1995 in Australia and Jack Qin remains as the Managing Director.

ESL Australia, USA & China

ESL now operates out of a 6000 square metre state of the art warehousing and distribution facility in Acacia Ridge in Queensland, Australia with other facilities in the United States of America and numerous owned and operated manufacturing factories in China. The China factories produce energy saving lighting products solely for Trio which allows us to keep strict controls on pricing and quality. Our American facility allows us to obtain the latest and most up to date technology from across the globe.

ESL Future

At ESL, we adopt the philosophy of continuous improvement, so much so that in late 2004, ESL introduced RF warehousing and an automated sales force which allows our sales force to take orders from our Clients with real time information such as client details, pricing and stock levels at their finger tips.

Orders can even be sent directly from the clients' premises to our pickers on the warehouse floor and orders can be com- menced within minutes of being placed. In 2008, ESL Australia will seek exclusive distributors all over the world to sell our patented products.

ESL wants to replace all the energy hungry lighting products with ESL energy efficiency products and cut our green house gas emissions. ESL wants to conserve our environment for our future and our kids and their kid's future

ESL Ideology

  1. Ensure our customers always receive more than they expect through high levels of service
  2. To continually offer new products of the highest quality and value for money
  3. Encourage employees by giving them the responsibility and opportunity to achieve their best
  4. Always encourage honesty, unity and harmony within the company and its employees